Ari Schindler


      Ari Schindler is an artist and entrepreneur whose past extends from psychology to technology, and whose current interests include sustainable living, mobile software, social computing, and conceptual art. Ari's expertise includes software design and development, game design and development, social networks and personal publishing, content production and distribution, sales management, project management, user behavior analysis, and usability testing - experience drawn from his work as consultant for companies such as Twistbox Entertainment, Comedy Central, and Electronic Arts.

      Prior to striking out on his own, Ari was a Vice President for Frontera Corporation (an Idealab! company that was purchased by Opsware), where he lead the development of the HomePage product - a predecessor of Facebook and MySpace that served over 2 million users and 50 million page views per month. As his focus shifted to business development, he was instrumental in closing deals with clients including AOL, Fox, AltaVista, Pioneer, Discovery Channel, About, BET, and Qwest.

      Ari began his career as a software engineer at Knowledge Adventure, and advanced to a role in senior management as the company grew from a small startup to the leading educational software company. His first project was My First Encyclopedia, which won an Interactive Academy Award. Later, as Director of Online Development, Ari drove the creation of the and web sites, as well as the Adventurelink infrastructure upon which the company's multiplayer products were based. By the time he had become an Executive Producer, Ari was responsible for the Dr. Brain line of thinking games, managing multiple product teams composed of integrated engineering, art, and management staff. The Dr. Brain line culminated with Action Reaction, a cooperation with Intel using the Unreal engine, that was inducted into FamilyPC's Video Game Hall of Fame.

      Ari has always been a psychologist first and foremost - he graduated from UCLA as a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science. While at UCLA, he was involved in research into memory, emotion, and connectionist artificial intelligence. At the same time, he cofounded Facade, the oddly named site that introduced the web to the idea of automated Tarot, Runes, Numerology, Biorhythms, and I Ching. Facade continues to offer quality tools for spiritual exploration free of charge.


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